Different Kitchen Photos That You Might Like

Let us start our first kitchen photo with a very cute baby wearing chef’s clothes while biting a yellow bell capsicum.

Child in The Kitchen

How about mom and dad preparing food for the family. Here is a lovely couple inside the kitchen preparing their favorite dish for dinner.

A family preparing food in the kitchen

Let the professional cooks do it for you.

man wearing appropriate clothing when cooking

Chef inside the kitchen

I love to eat bread. Yum-yum!

Cutting board with ready to eat food

toasting bread

My most valuable kitchen tool is….. a good set of knives

Kitchen Knife Set

A kitchen stove that had been used to cook a lot of tasty recipes.



Herbs or spice with medicinal health benefits

TURMERIC – This is a spice that makes the yellowish color of curry. It has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.


BASIL – From the Greek word “basileus”, in English word means “king”. It is heavy in nutrients, but light on calories. Basil

CAYENNE PEPPER – Can help in stimulating body’s circulation and also reduces acidity. Cayenne Pepper

GARLIC – This spice is used for many conditions that relate to heart and blood system. Including high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart attack, high cholesterol and  coronary heart disease. Garlic

GINGER – It is great in relieving digestive issues. Ginger

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